About Archimedes Services

Training courses for all levels of your staff can and does make all the difference. We train everyone from management to frontline personnel. Our training courses range from certified industry recognised qualifications, to bespoke courses and now with the introduction of e-learning courses. For an informal, no obligation chat or quote call or email.

“Our commitment is to the security and safety of your assets and staff. Our hands-on experience allows us to offer the very best advice, training and knowledge to protect your company, staff and assets. By listening to the issues you face on a day-to-day basis we can provide the solutions you need to raise your security standards.”
Mark Prendergast, Managing Director

Just as Archimedes screw raised water from one level to a higher level, Archimedes Services Ltd aims to raise your training standards for your staff. Protecting your team and maximising productivity can only be achieved through expert training.

Archimedes Services Ltd offer training courses to boost your productivity and customer retention, protect your assets and resolve conflict situations in calm and efficient manner.

Contact us on 01942 260168 or email us here for more information about training courses including e-learning, security defence and protection.